Lodril by BayShoreSystems, USA is a high performance drilling attachment which will turn your excavator into one of the most versatile and profitable machines in your fleet. The LoDril provides mobility, reach and low headroom capabilities, which will give you access advantages that other caisson drilling equipment can't. With 360 degrees of operating area and a reach of up to 5 meters beyond the tracks or above casing, the LoDril will have you drilling in places other rigs can't even touch.

There are seven different models in the LoDril product line with depths ranging up to 38 meters and attachment heights as low as 3.5 meters. Models vary in running hydraulic torque from an efficient 13.5 kN-m to an unstoppable 149 kN-m.

AERA Drilling

AERA drilling attachment fits right onto excavator so you get a wider range of drilling positions and reach . You also get incredible power and single pass stroke upto 15 M. One can drill Earth anchors, mini piles, grouting, geothermal wells and soil nails into high berms , side walls and tight spots.